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Private art collecting is a passion

March 4th 2019

Dr. Susanne A. Kudielka, Personal Curator, SAK Curatorial Services/ Art Collection & Exhibition Manager / Researcher / Speaker / Co Founder SOFA, writes:

Often it starts without intention to built a collection. You buy a painting or a drawing you have seen and absolutely want to have. Than there are some more you add, may be even a sculpture or a video installation. And suddenly you realize that you have started a collection.

With every new work your collection does develop: it is not only about growing, it means, too, that you discover being interested in certain subjects, may be portrait, landscape, or political engaged art, national artists like YBA or more local ones like in Basel the “Gruppe 33”, only female artists, a special period, e.g. post-war or surrealism, or you discover collecting without any particular plan. You may continue buying all kind of art works, or, as many collectors after a certain time, start to reconsider some of your acquisitions, often the early ones, asking if they are lasting – are strong enough, as Ernst Beyeler did say – and you might think of changing your preferences.

Don’t be afraid, it doesn’t mean that you made bad decisions, it means that you have been sharping your eye, you have seen more art, your judgement has developed, you learned to compare, to ask yourself why you want or don’t want any more that particular work, it means: you have reached a new level in buying and collecting art.

It’s an exciting moment and there will be more to come. That’s part of the art collecting passion. Being a collector is living with art for your pleasure, but it is as well related to asking yourself personal questions and that’s an inspiring challenge, too. And once thriving in that passion of art collecting you won’t miss it any more. Go for it whatever your questions are.

But if you think you feel uncertain in one way or the other or you need personal advice, information on an art work, an artist or a gallery or an independent sparring partner for your decision-making, contact me at

It’s my passion to help you collecting art and assist you in the progress of your passion.

Enjoy your living with art!

Dr. Susanne A. Kudielka