JSVCprojects / Jill Silverman van Coenegrachts

We represent and consult:


We believe that great art is content-driven and speaks a language that is:

beyond decoration
beyond luxury
beyond entertainment
beyond value as an asset class

We cook up ideas, projects, books, films, orchestrate gallery connections leading to exhibitions, choreograph museum projects, sales opportunities, estate planning, and foundations development. We work with major collections to organize and curate their holdings, with a talented consortium of professionals in collections management.

JSVCprojects maximizes creative potential and builds the best studio practice, artistic career, gallery program, or private collection possible. Our goal is developing success that is consistent with your creative goals.

We construct a model where everything starts with the artist then the gallery. We are the spark plug in the developmental engine of art careers – for artists, designers and galleries – starting with studio practice and placement of works from individual representation, gallery affiliation through to institutional exhibitions.

We plug our creative clients into a wide network of seasoned professionals around the world to amplify and develop their unique career path. Our collaborators are numerous and have worked with us on past projects in every aspect of our productions in a rounded strategic team approach to the basics of good professional practice. This equips artistic production with everything necessary to reach the next levels and developmental milestones in a creative career; wherever you are in that marathon journey we have your back, and we look together at your future.




We carve out a bespoke program together. We help you with gallery relationships, media strategies, branding and marketing, collection and inventory management, museum outreach, publications and exhibitions.
build and manage careers for our artists, working with them in the studio, as well as with their galleries.
consult and advise estates to preserve, defend and promote the works of artists no longer living.
conceive and produce public projects, commissions and exhibitions.
develop projects with private galleries and museums around the world and support on-going initiatives in public institutions.
We strategically
build and manage art collections of diverse sizes, in this process we buy and sell privately on behalf of our clients and at auction.
edit and publish catalogues and monographs for our artists, our collectors and their unique projects.
provide strategic advice on communication, marketing and branding for our clients in collaboration with renowned communication experts.



We are objective.
In recent decades the expansion of the art world has made galleries bigger, faster and more business-minded than ever before. The traditional model of the gallery-artist relationship over several decades has been replaced by a business structure that must balance the financial welfare of the gallery itself on a more important level than the interests of individual artists and collections. This is one of the reasons JSVCprojects has developed its unique position working collaboratively with galleries to protect and develop artists interests. Our special relationship with major collectors functions in much the same way.

We are thinkers.
We believe in content and the way this drives the intrinsic value of great art — in the relevance of art history and the vital experience of looking at art from all periods by artists of many backgrounds.

We are collaborators.
We believe that making great art and working with the greatest living artists and collectors is a serious and lifelong practice; and we understand the methodology behind working with artists and the passion and patience needed for great collecting.

We are knowledgeable.
We believe that building an art collection is not shopping nor should it be purely investment-driven. We champion a studied approach to value, understanding art market forces over a long period of time.

We continue to discover.
At the same time, we believe in expertise, knowledge and connoisseurship gained over four decades, whether in relationship to translating the work of young artists, supporting those in mid-careers or recognizing artists in late great periods of their work.



We are powerful, efficient and not polite. We believe that artists create mythologies in their studio that redefine the meaning of being human. We believe that art is a transformative process that takes ideas, emotions and translates them into two and three-dimensional objects. It is a visual language that needs to be learned like any foreign language, but is innate; we all have the capacity to experience.

Our collaborators form a unique community in the international art world; like-minded gallerists, artists, designers and collectors, as well as institutional actors driven by similar passion for content in this unique platform.

If this approach interests you, if you are tired of shopping, come join us.


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