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August 11th 2020

Hello dear friends, summer news:

JSVCprojectsis back at work in Paris and we are continuing our activities which you can follow in real time on our social media posts. Keep track of our artists and projects with BEHIND THE SCENES portraits in the studio and elsewhere. By popular demand, I will continue to amuse you all with WALKS IN MY LIBRARY.

Still, our goal especially in these challenging times is to work where we can to keep art in the center of our lives so that it nourishes and supports us all. We have seen the medical teams around the world do their heroic work on our behalf during the first months of the COVID crisis, this was the beginning of a much longer trajectory, I’m afraid, so please

Wear masks and stay Safe!!!

We have all been moved to action by the worldwide call for social justice. Art plays a fundamental role transforming hearts and minds during this time. We are committed to working towards social and political equality in a time when BLACK LIVES MATTER. We all have a part to play here.

Please keep in touch and follow the dancing red line.